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*Good Impressions*

For Money, Fame, Promotions, and Money!

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[Series: Elemental Gelade]

[Status: Passenger]

[Personality: Cheerful, Dynamic, Proper]

WARNING! This profile contains spoilers for the character's series!

Cisqua is a cheerful, energetic character. Whenever she makes an appearance, she does her very best to make a good impression. She often makes it known that she is a "fully grown woman" even though her small stature has been known to convince people of otherwise. She has been mistaken for a young boy on occasion and tends to respond viciously when such a thing occurs.

It has been suggested that Cisqua is a kleptomaniac (a person who has impulses of stealing and has difficulty resisting them) and she can especially be seen obsessing over the collection of money in various situations. While in this obsessive state, she appears overly thrilled as long as she knows that the money is rolling in. However, if the tables are to turn and money is lost Cisqua quickly jumps into a state of panic and despair.

Cisqua is a member of the organization known as Arc Aile. Within the organization, she acts as part of the "Edel Raid Complete Protection Agency" along with her two subordinates Rowen and Kuea. Their primary job is to search for and retrieve the Edel Raids, ancient human-like creatures that each bear a special jewel on their bodies called an Elemental Gelade. Edel Raids can create bonds with humans and transform into magical weapons, making any human who bonds with one a much more powerful fighter. Representing Arc Aile, Cisqua's attempts to retrieve these Edel Raids are made in order to bring the Edel Raids into a sanctuary at Arc Aile where they can be protected from humans who would seek them out and use them merely as tools for combat.

On their most recent mission, Cisqua and her subordinates were sent to recover a very special Edel Raid, one known as a "Rainbow Treasure" and having especially great power. This Edel Raid, Reverie Metherlence, was found on a airship belonging to the "Red Lynx" sky pirates. She (Reverie) was apparently lying dormant inside of a coffin among the cargo recently stolen by the pirates from a merchant ship. One of the pirates, who had awakened her and taken particular interest, persistently refused to hand the Edel Raid over to Cisqua, despite multiple atempts by her to reward them with money given to her by Arc Aile headquarters. The bargaining is interrupted when ninjas from a rogue group also after the "Rainbow Treasure" attack the pirates' airship. In the ensuing struggle, the persistent pirate (named Coud Van Giruet) forms a bond with Reverie Metherlence. After the ninjas are fought off, damage to the airships of both the pirates and Cisqua cause both to crash land and become separated. Coud and Reverie Metherlence end up stuck with Cisqua, Rowen and Kuea after the crash landing.

From this point on, Cisqua makes it her mission to escort Coud and Reverie to Arc Aile headquarters on foot, training Coud to be a responsible "Pleasure" (one who has bonded with an Edel Raid) along the way. Unfortunately for her, however, Coud and Reverie (now nicknamed "Ren") wish to go to Edel Garden, the birthplace of Edel Raids. This stands as a source of contention between Cisqua and Coud for some time, as they must continue joining forces to fight off the agents of the rogue group, Chaos Choir. Eventually, they are met by other members of Arc Aile and taken to headquarters, where Coud and Ren are seperated and Cisqua is demoted for taking so long to return with the Rainbow Treasure. Soon after, Chaos Choir returns to attack Arc Aile headquarters directly. During the confusion, Ren escapes to head for Edel Garden alone. Coud follows in order to protect and accompany her. Cisqua, Rowen and Kuea also go, in part to help their newfound friends but also to figure out why Arc Aile seemed so on-edge about the Rainbow Treasure. As the threat of Chaos Choir continued to loom, a sudden war broke out between Chaos Choir and Arc Aile. However, with the aid of Cisqua and company, Coud and Ren were able to reach Edel Garden and use their power to end the fighting and bring a sense of understanding between the two sides.

In her travels with Coud and Ren, Cisqua leared the true connection between humans and Edel Raids. As a member of Arc Aile's "Edel Raid Protection Agency" Cisqua was given the opportunity to befriend and make a bond with an Edel Raid. This is an opportunity given to many members of Arc Aile (Kuea is in fact an Edel Raid who has a bond with Rowen), but Cisqua refused it on the basis that as a protector of Edel Raids it did not make sense for her to use an Edel Raid as a weapon. It was then that she decided to fight by using a combination of martial arts and ammunition. However, the refusal had an effect she did not expect, as the Edel Raid she would have made a bond with began to shed tears. For the majority of the series, Cisqua was not sure as to the reason behind the Edel Raid's tears, but after her experiences traveling with Coud and Ren she comes to realize that the tears were sorrowful ones, shed by the Edel Raid because she would not be able to travel alongside of Cisqua, whom she had become friends with and was fully prepared to accept a bond with. Cisqua learned that more important than one's destination or reason to travel is the company with which you travel. The Edel Raid felt sorrow because she wanted to be Cisqua's partner and travel by her side, regardless of the possibility of having to serve as a weapon.

As far as the martial arts and ammunition goes, Cisqua has them in spades. She is a skilled fighter in hand-to-hand combat, taking advantage of her small size for excellent agility. Hidden within her Arc Aile uniform are various projectile weapons including an automatic machine gun, two miniature rocket launchers, various types of grenades and at least a few knives. However, she has an unfortunate tendency to use her projectile weapons in excess, which leads to her running out of ammunition quickly.

So as a whole, Cisqua is a very dynamic character. She is obsessed with money and job promotions, often chattering at length to others (or herself), quick on both her feet and her trigger finger, but still always willing to greet people with a smile and fight for a better tomorrow.

[This is an RP journal for valkyrieexpress, played by weaseldog_ltg09]