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Verse 4

:: Cisqua was pleased with the results of the singing competition. While unfortunate that she wasn't able to participate despite the efforts she made to practice for it, being one of the judges was certainly a worthwhile experience, and it was nice that the winning duo was the one she vouched for herself.

Contemplating this and other things, she sat in the dining cart eating a soft, plump muffin as a late night snack. She was reviewing some papers as well, but this wasn't all that important at the moment.

Verse 3

:: Cisqua was out for a walk in the snow. She had caught wind of a change in her rooming arrangements and was contemplating this affair.

What happened to the boy named Aang? What would the new roommate be like? Simple things like that.

Stomping around in the cold and white was rather fun, all things considered. It was a good way to stay cheerful while thinking. Cisqua still had a few child-like qualities to her despite her professionalism.


Verse 2

:: Cisqua was currently sitting at a table in the Regal Lounge, enjoying a bowl of delicious soup. On the table next to her were also a pen, a small notepad and the Valkyrie Express credit card she had been figuring out how to appropriately use.

It seemed she was putting together a budget for herself, but at the same time she was looking out the window with an expression of longing on her face. What was she thinking about? It probably wasn't too important in the grand scheme of things, but it was still enough to keep her distracted for the moment.

Verse 1

:: There had been so much going on lately that Cisqua's head was just spinning.

In addition to being on a mysterious train and having no memory of how or why, she has met a number of odd people, had a strange fling with another girl on the train, and also now needed to prepare for some sort of singing contest.

Any of these things individually probably wouldn't be so much trouble, but all at once...?

Cisqua needed a moment. She sat down somewhere where she thought she could be alone. It seemed to be some kind of convenience store that was conveniently on the train, but it was also not open at the time.


Verse 12

:: Cisqua was astonished by what had happened. The destruction of a famous landmark, and while it was facilitating a massive traditional event, no less? It seemed only natural that some dirty scheme was at work.

Unfortunately, she had no idea what the details might be. In fact, it could have been impossible to do anything about it, considering that this was its own entire world with rules and politics that were beyond her current knowledge. For the time being, she wandered around the Backyard Bazaar, looking to see what places were still open so she could examine the wares. She was armed, just in case. She wanted to be able to help any other passengers or innocents if something bad were to happen.


Verse 11

:: Attempting to recover emotionally from the casino at the last station stop, Cisqua had been keeping to herself for the most part, thinking about ways she could make financial amends for what had happened back there. Currently, she was scouting the city streets for loose change for a meager profit.

She came across a store with a sign that advertised gold chains for cheap, and took a sudden interest.

Hm... If they sell gold, then perhaps they'll buy it for cash as well! Yes, that's a wonderful idea!

:: The plan seemed flawless. Surely, she'd be able to gain back some of her losses with a smart trade or two! Cisqua eagerly made off to enter this odd little store... ::


Verse 10

:: Cisqua was inspecting the hall of the A cart, in particular the door to the outside. It was the spot from which Ran supposedly exited the train in a regrettable fashion, and she wondered how the door managed to open that day.

Sure, she had heard that Ran had certain special abilities, but so did other passengers on the train, and the doors had yet to open for any of them. Could there be some other reason? And if doors were just going to be flying open and sucking people out like that, it might not be a bad idea to install some sort of additional safety mechanisms to the things.

That's what she thought, as she carefully looked around.

Verse 9

:: Fully content with what she had accomplished at the Spring Lights Carnival, Cisqua was now taking a well deserved break from her own amusement.

She sat in her room with a few papers scattered around and a pen in hand. Marking up some papers and jotting down notes on others, it seemed that she was busily keeping track of something rather important.

Of course, this was likely a bad time to bother her, but the door was currently open due to Cisqua finding it to be rather warm tonight. She had even gone so far as to take off the Arc Aile uniform she had been wearing almost constantly throughout the winter.


Verse 8

:: There she was, the young maiden of justice, opening the door of her room in order to step out after getting dressed. She had been reaping the rewards from a more recent act of charity on her part, though they were not exactly what she had expected. ::

Honestly, where could he have gotten to?

:: She spoke to herself as she peered down the halls, looking to see if her 'butler' was around. As degrading as it was for her personal image to have him following her, she decided she might as well make what little use out of it she thought she could.

One thing was for sure... Ougi would be pretty much off the hook; there was no way Cisqua would ask him for something large, as she didn't want any more awkward surprises from deals that seemed too good to be true. ::

Verse 7

:: Cisqua stretched her arms, currently engaging in a bit of a workout session in her room. An elite defender from the Arc Aile Edel Raid Protection Agency had to stay fit, after all!

Taking deep breaths, she cleared her mind of petty thoughts and shifted focus to more important ones. A particular item that she remembered was Ougi's unique 'gift' from the recent Christmas exchange. A mischievous smirk formed on her face as she contemplated how she might redeem his offer. ::